Julia Johnson is a registered Psychotherapist in Ontario and a New Jersey license professional counselor (Licence Number: 37PC00004700).

Family, Individuals, Couples & Group Counselling 

E-Therapy (Video) Phone, and Face to Face Sessions

Individual Counselling & Psychotherapy,  Play Therapy Training, Family Therapy, Group Counselling, Christian Counselling (Upon Request) for Children/Adolescents/Adults Women Issues Parenting Support/Counselling/ Single Session, 

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Online Therapy

An online therapy /E-THerapy session is the same as an in person session in every way, except for the fact that the therapist and patient are contacting each other from afar, usually using a safe and secure video chatting service. 

At Johnson Family counselling we respect your privacy by using Therapy Sites E-counselling platform which is HIPPA/ PHIPPA compliant to protect your health information. Johnson Family counselling can provide E-Therapy to residents of New Jersey in the U.S, Ontario Canada, and other territories where psychotherapy has not been regulated. 

Online therapy is used for a variety of reasons. It can be very beneficial in terms of accessibility and convenience for the client. Clients can easily access counselling and therapy from the comfort of their homes without the time or energy it takes to commute to an office. This can be very useful for people with certain disabilities that may find it more convenient to receive these services in a place easily accessible to them.

In most cases Insurance company's usually provide the same coverage for online therapy that they would for in person therapy. Please contact your insurance provider to ensure that they do in fact cover online therapy.

Psychotherapy Individual, Group and Family Therapy

We use different Psychotherapy modalities- Psychodynamic therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Client Centered and Solution Focus Therapy for those who only look for a one time consultation.  This is a 1 1/2-2 hours session that will provide clients with strategies, coping skills,  resources, goals and  an action plan to address their problems. This approach is effective with individuals, couples and families.

For Trauma we use Prolonged Exposure Therapy, which is an evidence based/Cognitive Behavior approach.  Prolonged Exposure Therapy has been researched for more than 30 years.  It has been proven as one of the most effective and safe therapy modality for Trauma.  It has been used successfully with veterans and sexual abuse victims.  This approach has been effective treating Trauma victims in general including those struggling with mental illness and addictions.  Trauma Practice  which is a  cognitive behavior approach.  This approach combine different therapy activities  and Polyvagal theory practice which is a mindfulness therapy approached. A combination of these approaches helps clients better fullfill emotional needs; it also facilitates the resolution of emotional issues as well as a wide range of problems at work, school, relationships or interpersonal problems, adjustment to a new culture and behavioral problems.

Psychotherapy will also address emotional problems such as anxiety, depression, anger, hopelessness, despair and stress. Clients will learn how to cope and better manage their emotions. We also offer group therapy, which provides support for clients and will teach them positive healthy behaviors.

*Groups are offered for children/adolescent, women and parents. Life is too short to be unhappy and unsatisfied. Learn to enjoy every moment of your life. Learn to be present and be free to live the life you want to live!

Play-Therapy Trainings

Playtherapy Trainings are offered for professionals in the health and educational field, as well as for parents who want to better understand their children's emotional needs. Play Therapy trainings will be given ongoing throughout the year. Please check the training page for more information on dates and locations.

We offer a small group workshop approach in which a small number of people (12-15) recieve training.

The “Play Therapy Smart Workshop" will help participants learn knew techniques they could start using immediately in their practice and will address particular concerns. They will learn to assess, to design service plans choosing Play Therapy strategies to intervene and to properly document the Play Therapy sessions.

For registration and the small group workshop introductory rate please check the training page.


Children - Adolescents Social, Emotional, Cognitive Skills Group

Children - adolescents might need extra support to develop social, emotional, and cognitive skills.

Are you worried about your child or adolescent: - being too shy or withdrawn - being anxious, fearful, or worry about what others think of him/her - being bullied in school - getting angry easily, short temper, irritable or grouchy - figety, impulsive and having difficulties to pay attention/concentrate - attention seeker like being the clown in the class - feeling bad about themselves, struggling with guilt, insecurity, and lack of confidence

Children who have difficulties in adjusting in social setting or regulating their emotions develop depression and anxiety later on in life.

According to United Nations publication, Mental Health Matters - Social Inclusion of Youth with Mental Health Conditions (2014), "Mental health conditions which include behavioural and mental health problems e.g. depression, anxiety disorders, disruptive behavioural disorders, (such as attention deficit hyperactivtiy disorder, mood disturbances, substance use, suicidal behaviour, and aggressive - disruptive behaviour) are the leading causes of adjustment problems in adolecents and young people worldwi

"Mental-health conditions have a significant impact on the development of over a billion youth under social-economic integration, including employabilty".

Children/adolescents who have a mental health condition present difficulties developing and learning social, emotional, and cognitive skills. However children and adolescent's brains are malleable which means their brain can be easily trained and they can learn these skills.

United Nations also states," yet, it is alos critical that attention to global mental health moves beyond treatment - orientated programs in health-care settings to include broader approached inspired by public- health and social dash inclusion considerations".

Johnson Family Counselling addresses unique needs of children and adolescents by creating groups that will target their specific social, emotional, and cognitive skills.

Social, Emotional, & Cognitive Skills Group will help your children/ adolescent develop and learn the skills they need to be successful and feel good about themselves.

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